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Gases available:
    AR, inert, non-flammable. Common applications: TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding process, argon in used for the joining of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, nickel and copper alloys. It is also used in the MIG(metal inert gas) welding process for the joining of aluminum.
    semi inert, non-flammable. Common applications for CO2 in Chicago include: beverage carbonating, beer dispensing, fire suppression, MIG welding of steel, pipe freezing, the making of "dry Ice", pool water treating, (PH neutralizing), paintball cartridge refilling, and artificial grow environments. Available in industrial grade and special purity scientific grades through research grade 5.5.
    HE, inert, non-flamable. Common applications include: Balloon inflating, Scientific experimentation, MIG and TIG welding applications, HeliOx mixtures for scuba diving applications, inert atmospheres. available in industrial grade and special scientific purity grades 2.9 through grade 5.5 or research purity.
    H2, semi inert, flammable. Common applications include: TIG welding blends, hydrogen welding blends, plasma welding blends, high intensity light manufacturing, heat treating atmospheres, scientific atmospheres and experimentation. Available in industrial grade through special scientific purity grades, research grade 5.5.
    Common uses for industrial argon mixture include: argon/CO2, 75/25 or C25, 90/10 or C10, 95/5 or C5. these mixes are commonly used for the MIG welding of mild steel and in some cases, stainless steel in the short circuit and modified trasfer methods of filler metal transfer. Argon/oxygen mixtures such as 98/2 (98%AR/2% O2) are used in the spray trasfer method of mild steel filler metal transfer. Argon/hydrogen mixtures such as Argon95% / hydrogen 5% are commonly used in plasma welding. Argon containing 1, 2,3% hydrogen are most commonly used in the tig welding of stainless steel where high travel speeds might be required, such as in robotic automation or automatic stainless tube seam welding.
    O2, oxidizer, Common uses for oxygen in Chicago include: oxygen/acetylene welding and cutting, oxygen/propane welding and cutting, oxygen/mapp or propylene welding and cutting, oxygen/hydrogen welding and cutting, laser assist gas, aviators breathing oxygen. Lab/scientific applications. Available in industrial through specialty scientific purity, through 4.3 grade levels.
    N2, semi inert, non-flammable. Common uses include: Nitrogen in mostly an inert molecule that is often used as a high pressure source for pressure testing of parts and equipment, charging of hydraulic accumulators, charging of paintball gun cartridges, air powered pellet and BB rifles, can be used as a laser assist gas for stainless steel or where finer cuts may be desired. it is used in heat treating atmospheres, it is used for its fire suppression properties, it is used as a food fresh preservative atmosphere. It is used for automotive tire filling and shock absorber charging. It has many scientific applications such as gas chromatography. Available in industrial grade through specialy gas scientific purity, " research " or grade 5.5.
    N2O, oxidizer-non-flammable, N2O, Common applications for Nitrous Oxide include: Scientific experimentation, the enhancement or acceleration of combustion in high performance or race car engines.
    C2H2, flammable. Common uses include: Oxygen/Acetylene flame cutting and welding, flame ionization/ atomic absorption.
    C3H8, Common uses include: Oxygen/Propane flame cutting and welding, temporary heat, BBQ grilling, weed burner.
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